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September 16th to December 20th, 2018



Marathon Recovery Massage: 50 min $180, 80 min $250

Marathon Special 2018: Only available from December 9 – 16, 2018
A specially designed massage to stimulate and energize strained muscles. Moroccan Rosemary oil is used to help relieve pain. Not only does it feel great, but it can also help speed recovery, reduce muscle soreness and facilitate injury healing. Receive complimentary gift of Seawater Mineral Bath Salt and Aloe Rescue Facial Sheet Mask.

Hawaii State Tax and a 17% service charge will be automatically added to the cost of your services. Phone: (808) 237-6330 or dial extension 6330.
Email: Operational Hours 8:30am to 9:00pm. 

HydroPeptide Facial: 50 min $99

Deep Cleansing + Peeling + Facial Massage + Facial Mask + Hydration + Sun Protection
Give your exfoliation routine a professional boost with this instant resurfacing treatment! Leaves skin smooth and refreshed with no down time. Six botanical stem cell extracts work to promote from external stressors while peptides rejuvenate and revitalize. Combined with best of science and nature to achieve age-defying result.

Champagne Sweet Red Rose Wrap: 80 min $185

Champagne Sugar Scrub + Rose Mineral Wrap + Sweet Red Rose Facial Massage + Rose Butter Hydration
Treat yourself with a divine champagne sugar scrub, an exquisite Rose Body Wrap and Rose Facial,followed by a relaxing scalp massage. Its sweet, rich, lightly spice aroma encourages positive self-reflection and uplifting mood. Rose oil has also been used topically for thousands of years to improve acne, balance hormones, relieve anxiety, improve depression, and reduce rosacea.

Sea Mineral Massage: 80 min $210

Full Body Massage with trace elements + Scalp Massage
Seawater contains all essential, naturally occurring trace elements, which is required for proper cellular function. This treatment uses Oligomer Massage Concentrate, which preserves all the essential trace elements found in the sea, that to promote deeper relaxation, and wellness. (OLIGOMERÒ is 100% freeze dried seawater.) The treatment will be completed with peaceful scalp massage.