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Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

50min $165 / 80min $235

Unforgettable Hawaiian healing massage experience.
Inspired by Hawaiian healing arts, Lomilomi is “the art of love and healing through the hands and heart.” This massage combines rhythmic kneading and flowing strokes to soothe pain, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall blood circulation.

Nanea Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

50min $170 / 80min $240

Deep relaxation with a beautiful harmony of aromatherapy and hot stones.
This luxurious collaboration of a soothing hot stone massage. Essential aroma oil of Rosewood, Clary Sage, & Tangerine are designed to rejuvenate, refresh, release tension, balance the body’s energies and promote relaxation.

Lomi Wawae

50min $170 / 80min $240

A unique Hawaiian foot therapy for healing and detoxing.
It is a full body massage through the feet. This unique Hawaiian foot therapy incorporating Hawaiian foot scrub, La‘a Pea-, the Sacred Cross, is a must try experience.
80min will incorporate Hawaiian salt scrub on the back.

Nā Ho’ōla Personal Touch Experience

50min $175 / 80min $245

Craft every component of your massage session.
Consult with our knowledgeable practitioners to devise a treatment plan that will meet all of your wishes in the ultimate customized session.

Hot Stone Massage

80min $245

Hot stones will melt stress away & restore energy.
Our exclusive treatment combines warm stones and Lomilomi techniques to help melt away tension and rejuvenate overall wellness.

Golfer’s Massage

50min $165 / 80min $235

For The Best Score.
This treatment is designed for golfers. It focuses on stiffness of the back, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, forearms and wrists to improve quality of movement.

Massage Enhancement Options

Customization Options For You.
Tension Release: $27
Thermal Heat Application: $16
De-Stress Aroma Oil: $16
Foot Cleanse: $16
*No Additional Service Time