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Sports Tension Relief NEW!

50min $198. / 80min $267.

Perfect after outdoor sports or workout
Slow tension release is applied with a variety of modalities; your therapist helps bring relief to areas of pain and stiffness.

Hawaiian Lomilomi

50min $170./ 80min $240.

Unforgettable Hawaiian healing massage experience.
Inspired by Hawaiian healing arts, Lomilomi is “the art of love and healing through the hands and heart.” This massage combines rhythmic kneading and flowing strokes to soothe pain, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall blood circulation.


50min $180. / 80min $260.

Hot Stone + Lomilomi Massage + Aromatherapy
This luxurious collaboration of a soothing hot stone massage. Essential aroma oil of Rosewood, Clary Sage, & Tangerine are designed to rejuvenate, refresh, release tension, balance the body’s energies and promote relaxation.

Lomi Wawae

50min $180. / 80min $260.

A unique Hawaiian foot therapy for healing and detoxing.
It is a full body massage through the feet. This unique Hawaiian foot therapy incorporating Hawaiian foot scrub, La‘a Pea-, the Sacred Cross, is a must try experience. 80min will incorporate Hawaiian salt scrub on the back.

Hawaiian Tropical Escape NEW!

50min $180. / 80min $260.

Hawaiian Herbal Infused oil +Sugar Cane Scrub on the back +Lomilomi Massage + Scalp Massage.
Plantain Sugar Cane with Kalo and ‘Awa,gently exfoliates the back. Tropical Escape Aromatherapy and Sugar Cane Scrub are made in Hawaii with an organic Hawaiian herbal blend of Noni, ‘Awa,Kalo, gotu kola, turmeric, green papaya, neem leaf, ginger, and noni. It is perfect blend for indulgence and pampering.

Awapuhi NEW!

50min $180. / 80min $260.

Awapuhi lotion+ Sugar Cane Scrub on the back +Lomilomi Massage + Scalp Massage.
Plantain Sugar Cane with Kalo and ‘Awa,gently exfoliates the back. Hand crafted lotion is made in Maui – an organic Hawaiian herbal blend of ‘awa, gotu kola, turmeric, green papaya, neem leaf, ginger, and noni are first soaked in organic sunflower oil in for a few weeks. Then strain the herbs from the oil and add Hawaii grown ginger, lemon, and lemongrass essential oils. These are formulated to boost your immune system, improve circulation, invoke happiness, and soothe your muscle.

Gem Stone Revitalize NEW!

50min $180./ 80min $260.

Gem infused aromatherapy + Lomilomi Massage + Scalp Massage
“The Orange, Vanilla and pepper blended Aromatherapy Massage with gemstone placements. Gemstones radiate a life force of sacred energy to bring harmony, balance, and transformation. The exquisite essential oils and precious three gemstones align the energy points of the body and correlate with each chakra along the body’s energy center to bring you into a state of complete tranquility.

Treasure of the Sea NEW!

50min $180./ 80min $260.

Oligomer Mineral + Hawaiian Salt Scrub on the back+ Lomilomi Massage + Scalp Massage
Seawater contains all essential, naturally occurring trace elements, which required for proper cellular function. OLIGOMER®is 100% freeze dried seawater. This treatment uses Oligomer Massage Concentrate, which preserves all the essential trace elements found in the sea, that to restore deeper relaxation, and wellness. The treatment will be completed with peaceful scalp massage.

Prenatal 50min $180.

For the 2nd or later trimester mothers
This massage is carefully designed for pregnant women to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation, mobility and overall wellness with a therapist trained in prenatal.

Back, Neck, and Shoulder with Scalp NEW!

50min $175.

Upper Body Focused
Upper body focused massage to improve circulation, ease tension and relieve stress. Delightful scalp massage is to complete the treatment.

Mini Spa (25min) each

Upper Body Tension Release: $100.00
Express Facial: $90.00
Eye Rescue: $85.00

Customized Option

Tension Release: $27
Thermal Heat Application: $16
De-Stress Aroma Oil: $16
Foot Cleanse: $16
*No Additional Service Time