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Lomi Wawae

This treatment starts with locally made Lilikoi body mist or herbal mist to welcome you to the room, for the practitioner to prepare grounding (Ku Pa’a). Those Hawaiian flower senses have the natural ability to calm, uplift, energize, cleanse and decongest the body and mind. Followed by “Made in Kauai” mango nectar organic sugar scrub on the back and both feet. Tropical mango sense is to nurture, to exfoliate, to hydrate skin, and to relieve the soul, add a beautiful golden glow.

In Hawaii, foot therapy is simply known as Lomi Wawae. The followings techniques are unique and significant to the cultural healing tradition in Hawaii, respectfully taught and carried over by generations.


  • Holoi wawae- Assessment of the feet, as if feet could talk, some area needs more attention than others.
  • Ho’o ma’ema’e- Royal Flush activation technique which, is stimulation of a congested spot on the foot that activates major toxic elimination channel.
  • Ho’o wiliwili- Lymph node rejuvenation technique which is beneficial to improve stress related conditions.
  • Ho’o ui – Gland stimulation which, is to seek out blockage, and then to release it.
  • La’a’Pe’a is the final step and most profound techniques of Lomi Wawae which, is the sacred cross of the feet that generates a warm sensation of MANA (healing energy). Quietly feel the MANA freely flowing in, to heal the body and mind.


Enjoy the wonderful sensation of Hawaiian healing!