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Mai ka piko o ke po‘o a ka poli o ka wawae, a la‘a ma na kihi ‘eha o ke kino.

Focusing on the four corners of the body, Na Ho‘ola Spa has cultivated traditional Hawaiian treatments that bring balance and energy to guests. The experienced therapists at Na Ho‘ola Spa focus on the promotion of health and wellness through the practice of Hawaiian culture, its values and its healing arts. Visit today for a relaxing Nanea Aroma Stone Tranquility Massage, Ho‘onani Facial or one of our seasonal specials.

2424 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu
(808) 237-6330

F.B. 10/01/2019

When I called the Hyatt spa, the spa concierge was professionally warm and made me feel like a valued guest. She immediately greeted me with a warm and welcoming smile with my name. She showed me around the spa area. All of the Spa facilities appeared spotless and very clean. They were many amenities such as facial lotions, and other hair and facial accessories to use if desired. My massage therapist greeted me in the lounge. Her tone was warm and quite welcoming. Her overall manner put me at ease. She asked I there were any particular body areas that I wished extra attention paid to. I shared with her that I had had scoliosis so my neck always needed massage. Throughout the massage, she provided just the right pressure and checked in with me a few times to ensure that the massage pressure was comfortable for me. No suggestion for improvement as it was all great.

S.B. 9/27/2019

When I called to make a reservation, she was very personable and professional throughout the call. I was excited for my visit. When I arrived, the spa concierge was very friendly and upbeat, providing a great first impression of the spa. I sat in the relaxation lounge on the first floor waiting for my treatment to begin. I enjoyed the most delicious mamaki tea that I have ever had.

The treatment room was calm and inviting. My therapist asked if there were any problem areas that I wanted him to devote his attention to. I told him that my shoulders are always bothering me and that I would like my head massaged too. He agreed that he could definitely help me to feel better.

He also asked what kind of pressure I would prefer. I asked for firm pressure. He told me that at any time if I was uncomfortable to please just let him know. He asked how the temperature and pressure was for me. Everything was perfect. The lotion/oil he used was such a lovely orange scent, it helped to open up my nasal passage. He took time working on the areas that I had told him about. When I asked him to try to get under my shoulder blade, he happily made the adjustment. He was a very in-tune and attentive massage therapist. I could tell that he was listening to my breathing and taking them as que’s. He spent a good amount of time working on my back, shoulders, and neck.

He also used pressure points, long strokes with his forearms and really loosened my back, neck, and shoulders. The hot towels were such an enhancement to the massage. He kept the firm pressure that I asked for the entire time. He took some time on my shoulders as he said that I had some tension and some knots. It was such a delight having him devote so much time and attention to something that I wasn’t even aware of. He raised my knees and shoulders to a half sit up position with the beds automated controls. This was an unexpected treat! I felt euphoric when he managed to open up my nasal cavities by applying pressure to my sinus cavities. I had no idea how relaxed I could feel. He made me melt into the massage table. The end of the treatment was topped off by my legs and feet being rubbed with more hot towels. I was so relaxed and so elated with my massage. After the massage, I sat on the lounge chair near that stunning ocean view. My therapist exceeded my expectations. I was very relaxed and enjoyed the view.

P.C. 8/10/2019

From the beginning, my therapist had a nice smile and a pleasant voice that a made me feel comfortable. When I asked, she gave me some pointers on how I could help to keep my neck and shoulder area from becoming stiff while sitting for hours in front of my computer for work. It was very easy to talk to her and I really enjoyed our conversation. I cannot think of anything that would have made this any better, I was totally satisfied.

N.H. 6/11/2019

I stepped out from the Spa elevator and immediately notice the spa smelled nice. Spa concierge greeted me right after the door opened and welcomed me, very professional, and smiled at me. I also noticed a soft nice Hawaiian music and very relaxing smell. The environment and atmosphere were so peaceful and relaxing with clean and beautiful furniture and interiors. The view from the wide windows was stunning, I felt like the elevator took me to the another world. The treatment room was clean and had a relaxing tone of light and music. The massage therapist had a rhythm going through my body, her hands were really warm, soft and smooth. I could feel she put extra care for the details when she was massaging. I was fully relaxed, happy. I felt my body was very light and refreshed definitely!

M.C. 5/14/2019

The doors opened on the 5th floor and a spa concierge was at the computer as I turned the corner; she immediately looked up and walked directly to me. She greeted me with a smile and a bow, and asked me to check in directing me to the table across the room. She walked with me to the large beautiful window (with a view to die for) and the table with wooden barstool. She then restated that the service I would be having. She then showed me to the relaxing room, and took me to locker room. She showed me the dressing room, sauna, then showers, the restroom and all the amenities on the sink, including the disposable underwear. When I walked out of the dressing room, I saw my therapist waiting for me about four feet away. He greeted me with a smile and led me to the treatment room. He asked me if I had any pains or problem areas. I told him my right side of my neck. He gave a great massage; l felt a bit of a daze from the amazing massage. He told me to keep my neck really warm; also shared ways of doing it, like by wetting a washcloth and putting into the microwave to heat it this would allow it to loosen up my muscles. He also showed me how to stretch my neck. Everything was awesome!

T.C. 11/01/2018

The spa was beautiful and clean when I arrived. Spa concierge was very knowledgable about their services and told me the difference between the massages. I was very impressed with the personal conversation I had with the spa concierge. The lobby area had a beautiful view of the ocean. I booked Nanea. My therapist explained to me about the stones and asked if the temperature was ok. The stones were very warm and smooth and they felt like an extension of ther body. The oil was very warm and the aroma was the perfect amount, not too strong, but enough to enjoy the smell. The music was a nice level to help me relax. She was constant and consistent during the entire massage. During the massage, I appreciated her expertise. She was quiet and respectful of my desire for silence. The technique used was unique and different than any I had experienced. It was very pleasant to have the long strokes and the balance between the different pressure points. The tension areas was well balanced with the relaxing strokes. The pressure of the rocks was very nice. The warmth of the stones were always very warm and relaxing but not too hot. This was the most amazing massage I have ever experinced. Her expertise was incredible.

K.H. 10/18/2018

From the time when I called this spa, based on the service interaction alone, I felt excited and delighted to have booked this visit because of the particular spa concierge, who assisted me with booking. The massage room was ready and the bed turned down for me to use. The sun was settling with a gorgeous sunset through the window. The massage was very relaxing and never lagged. She explained the Lomilomi type of massage and started on my back, worked on my neck then my arms and legs. The massage had a very fluid motion which made me relaxed. My therapist truly made me feel valued as a guest and she invited me to come back. She reminded me to relax and get plenty of water after.

S.L. 8/1/2018

The elevator was fairly easy to find. Spa Concierge was smiling and welcomed me in. I browsed the gift shop first. The shop was specious and very clean. The sauna was delightfully hot and very clean. The entire locker room was spotless and smelled very fresh. There are ample towels available as if it had just been cleaned. The lounge was prestine. My threapist asked about any area that I wanted her to focus on, and I asked her to focus on my neck and sholders. She immidiately started working that area I asked for. I couldn’t be more pleased that she listened to my concerns and began addressing them immediately. She spend a good amount of time working the knots in my back as well as massaging every part of my body. My therapist gave me a thorough massage where nothing was neglected. When she was done massaging my back, she placed a warm towl on it, which felt delightful. I especially enjoyed the foot massag. I appreciated that she wiped the lotion off my feet at the end of the treatment. I thought that was courteous and safe. Her massage was perfect. I woudl defintely request her again.

L.W. 6/21/2018

When I arrived, the doors opened and the view was immaculate. The walls were line with lillies and a water feature. Spa bouitque dislays were appealing and attractive. My facial treatment went nicely with smooth transactions and graceful movements. My esthetcian escorted me to the realxation lounge and invited me to enjoy the view. This was a wonderful experience and enabled me to relax fully.

P.W. 5/01/2018

When I entered to a treatment room, my therapist described as the best room in the house. The view was excellent and she was right. Her techniques was excellent, and she focused on area that were sensitive. The appointment came to an end with me wanting another 50min. She showed experience and concern with giving me a completely wonderful massage, she was the best. Everything was perfection! It can’t be improved.

L.M. 4/18/2018

The treatment room was clean and comfortable as well as the lighting, temperture, and music were at perfect levels. My therapist went over the details of concerns and made sure that I was comfortable before she began. She was very knowledgeble about the treatment and told me which parts of my feet were connected to which parts of my body. My therapist also offered ways to relief the pains by pressing different points on my feet. At the end of the visit, I felt relazed and pain free. This was an excellent visit and the massage was wonderful.

L.S. 3/18/2018.

The Spa Concierge who took my reservation was a sweet, friendly voice and seemed genuinely interested in customer satisfation. I booked Lomi Wawae. My therapist offered a detailed explanation of my massage. The massage was so relaxing. I felt like I dozed off for perhaps a minute or two. She gently nudged me back to full conseciousness and told me that my session was over. She was very professional in a carring way. I had perfect experience and this spa was my oasis.

T.V. 2/10/2018

My massage was very methodical starting from head to toe. She used a lotion that had a loverly scent which added to the relaxation. She often used different pressure and worked each muscle group throughly and methodically using pressure combined with streches. She then applied a warm towel after each major muscled group. Her overall presusre was perfect, she was very attentive by always keeping her hand on the muscle group between transitions and making sure I was comfortable throughout. The music added the ambiance, not too loud and had a soothing melody and rhythm. At the very end of the massage, she adjusted the bed into a almost sitting position to help me orient my body and placed my slippers ont the floor in front of me. The overall service was amazing!. It is not a rushed event; you are made to feel valued. A very clean facility exceeding tranquility that added to the actual massage. Truly, the service and treatment surpassed my expectations. I will definitly return to treat myself this year and purchase certificates for my friends and family.